Don't Ignore Roof Problems

You need a roofing repair in Mechanicsburg, Urbana & Marysville, OH

Roofing issues aren't just inconvenient - they're expensive. A crack or hole could raise your energy bills, while a leak could lead to water damage. You want to nip the problem in the bud. ProBuild Roofing & Restoration, LLC has been repairing residential roofs for more than 28 years. You can trust our roofing contractor for any minor or major job in Mechanicsburg, Urbana & Marysville, OH.

Our roofer will arrive at your property as soon as possible to assist you. We'll inspect your structure and diagnose the issue. Once you've approved of our work plan, we'll get started on your roofing repair.

roofing repair urbana oh

Know when a repair will work

Our goal is always to save you money. That's why we only recommend roof replacements when they're absolutely necessary. Usually, all you need is a roofing repair for:

  • A few missing shingles
  • Minor leaks
  • Out-of-place flashing

Not sure what the issue is with your roof? Ask our roofing contractor now by calling 937-284-0888.